Our Value Proposition

Our service areas are ESG driven and help our clients in sustainability road mapping. The services are interlinked and address both risks and opportunities. They help in meeting regulatory compliance, and drive resource efficiency and circular economy in operations and processes. Many of our clients use our services for framing and strengthening policy and regulatory frameworks, guiding investments, moving beyond compliance, and building capacities to become future-ready. Our motto is smart sustainable growth.

“We work together with our clients in multiple assignments on downside risk management as well as leveraging opportunities. Our engagements are long term. Not surprising that we are often sole sourced. Our clients value us. And we stay loyal to them.”

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment

We firmly believe that Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) should not be limited only to obtain regulatory approvals. At EMC, we use ESIA to add value to the project by identifying alternatives and making the project future ready by ensuring climate resilience and sustainability. In impact assessment, we use advanced geoinformatics and data analytics with state of art modelling tools. Often, we are hired to oversee work carried out by other ESIA consultants to ensure the quality of the outputs.

Environmental, Social & Governance Management Systems

We visualize environmental, social and governance management systems (ESGMS) as an integrated approach to quality, environment, water, energy, occupational health & safety, and employee welfare. We help establish management systems as per international standards such as IFC PS and build documentation and internal capacity.

Environmental & Social Due Diligence

We conduct E&S Due Diligence (ESDD) for achieving legal compliance as well as to meet market and investor requirements. We focus on risks not just limited to the facility but address security of natural resources in the neighbourhood and extend ESDDs even to the supply chains. We also investigate the opportunities or value adds by referring to Good International Industry Practices. Our ESDD work is not limited to India, and we work in several countries with help of our international associates.

Climate Change Advisory

Response to climate change must be mainstreamed into policy, planning, and investments. Government, Business and Community need to understand the nexus between climate change and energy, water, agriculture, food, and health. We specialize in conducting vulnerability assessment of physical assets, identity adaptation measures and conduct cost-benefit analyses. We also have expertise in carrying out GHG emission inventorization and arrive at appropriate mitigation measures to come up with a decarbonization strategy and action plan for Net Zero.

Circular Economy

Circular Economy (CE) aims to redefine growth by decoupling economic activity from the consumption of our finite resources and by designing waste out of the production and consumption system. We specialize in conduct of life cycle assessments to develop circular product design, provide advice on sustainable procurement, and set up strategies in meeting extended producer responsibility. We help the governments and corporates to frame policies and prepare strategic action plans on CE with appropriate CE metrics for monitoring, tracking, and reporting.


We help our clients to mainstream sustainability in their mission to their advantage. We guide in going beyond compliance and help in building stewardship of the organization towards the SDGs while addressing the business goals. We also assist in developing internal and external communication strategies on sustainability. Our expertise lies in uncovering or deciphering “sustainability” to material gains, building a brand, and making businesses future ready.