Circular Economy

Circular Economy (CE) aims to redefine growth by decoupling economic activity from the consumption of our finite resources and by designing waste out of the production and consumption system. We specialize in conduct of life cycle assessments to develop circular product design, provide advice on sustainable procurement, and set up strategies in meeting extended producer responsibility. We help the governments and corporates to frame policies and prepare strategic action plans on CE with appropriate CE metrics for monitoring, tracking, and reporting.

Some of our Esteemed Clients

  • CDC UK
  • UNCRD Institute for Global Environmental Studies, Japan
  • United Nations Environment Programme

Service Highlights

  • We have worked with governments and institutions to devise strategic actions for implementation of resource efficiency related initiatives and capacity building for implementation of sustainable public procurement
  • We have conducted several studies on waste management in India across different waste categories and arrived at recommendations and action plans for integrated waste management
  • Training handbooks have been created by us for technicians managing the industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • EMC contributed to the Green Economy, Global and Asia Waste Management Outlooks for UNEP
  • EMC was involved in preparation of Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan (ISWM) for Pune city in India
  • Dr Prasad Modak is currently a member of the India Resources Panel appointed by MoEF&CC and a member of the 3R Forum of the UN Centre for Regional Development, Nagoya, Japan