Internship program

At EMC, we consider internship to be a key opportunity for learning in life, a pathway between now and next for the talented students.  EMC’s Internship program is designed to provide experiential learning to graduates/post graduate students or those who are looking to get hands on experience before their next academic program in the field of environmental management. The period of internship is for a minimum period of 2 months and maximum of 6 months and runs all through the year. Interns have the choice to work full time at EMC’s office in Mumbai or opt for an ‘e-internship’ and are mentored by EMC professionals. The ‘e-internship’ is open to both Indian and international students.

The interns are expected to get involved and provide support to ongoing projects at EMC, conduct research on newer/emerging topics and support the base work in preparation for anticipatory assignments under the various research and consulting verticals of EMC.

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How to enroll:

Getting an internship at EMC is very competitive. At EMC 200+ applications are received each year. Interested interns have to submit their CV citing two references through the online portal . Once the CV is shortlisted, interns are asked to submit a Statement of Purpose and samples of recently written output. An interview is conducted as a final round for selecting an intern.


For the interns who work from EMC office in Mumbai, we offer a modest stipend depending on qualifications and experience of the intern. The stipend provided to the intern is only to help meet the subsistence and a token of appreciation. It does not imply any honorarium or salary. We do not provide accommodation facility to the intern during an internship. For the ‘e-internship, there will be no stipend provided to the e-interns.

Apply for Internship:

Upload CV
Attach a sample of your written work, reports (To upload multiple files please upload in ZIP format)

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Feedback from our interns

I graduated with a degree in Economics in 2021 from Symbiosis School of Economics. I interned with EMC for two months, and it has been a great learning experience! I’m going to join EMC as a full-time employee - Sharvari Lowalekar
I have graduated from Symbiosis School of Economics with BSc Economics Honours in 2021. I completed my 2 month internship with EMC in April'2022 and it was a truly enriching experience. - Divya Shastry
I recently graduated as an Environmental Engineer. I’ve worked with EMC for a period of 4 months now. I joined as an intern and have also worked as a Research Assistant. I’ve had a great time exploring the field in various sectors. - Kriti Shah
I am doing a Masters in Urban Planning from CEPT University Ahmedabad. I joined EMC as an intern from 30th May 2020 for 2 months and am really excited to work and explore more fields. - Rajat Yadav
I am a Fourth Year Undergraduate student at the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay. I have a keen interest in the field of environment, and I am willing to learn new and contemporary things in this field with high enthusiasm. I joined EMC as an intern from 9th May 2022 for 2 months. It was really great. - Priyanshu Meshram
I completed my Bachelors in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Pollution Control Engg ( which made me more inclined towards the environmental field) from Manipal Institute of Technology. It’s been 4 months since I have worked as an intern with EMC and I am really grateful about all the knowledge I have gained here. - Maureen James