Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

We offer ESIA services that not only address the impact/risks in the project life cycle but also add value to the project by ensuring environmental sustainability, social acceptability as well as effectiveness. Tools such as advanced geoinformatics, remote sensing, modelling and data analytics and stakeholder consultation are used. 

Major outcomes of these assessments are the environmental and social impact/risk management plans (ESMP) that follow the hierarchy of avoidance, prevention, mitigation, compensation, restoration and enhancement. These plans include creation/strengthening of physical assets for protection, treatment and conservation with monitoring, reporting  and grievance redress mechanism. Capacity building forms an important element of the ESMPs.

Apart from project based ESIAs, we conduct policy and programmatic ESIAs and also conduct impact assessments for investments made by funds in accordance with IRIS+.


  • Environmental and Social Impact/Risk Assessment (Including desk based screening and scoping)
  • Policy and Programmatic Impact Assessments
  • Portfolio impact assessment of Funds
  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Biodiversity Impact Assessment
  • Bird-Bat Assessment
  • Critical Habitat Assessment
  • Shadow Flicker and Noise Modelling (For Wind Farms)
  • Air and Water Quality Modelling
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Resettlement and Rehabilitation Action Plan with Livelihood restoration and enhancement
  • Construction Environmental and Social Action Plan
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Gender Action Plan

Some of our Esteemed Clients

  • Adani Ports & Logistics
  • CLP India Pvt. Ltd.
  • IL&FS Transportation Networks Ltd.
  • KfW Bankgrueppe
  • Nordex India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Siemens Gamesa Power Pvt. Ltd.
  • Solairedirect
  • Tata Strategic Management Group
  • VA Tech Wabag Ltd
  • Vijayawada Metro Rail
  • Government of Himachal Pradesh (Master EMP)
  • Government of Maharashtra and Government of Uttarakhand (Strategic Action Plans)
  • Government of Odisha (Regional EMP)
  • Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority

Service Highlights

  • For its ESIA service, EMC has been engaged in several activities including preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPR), Climate Screening and Management Plans, Stakeholder Engagement Plans, Land Acquisition Impact and Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) action plans, Gender Action Plans, to name a few. EMC also conducts validation of ESIA studies. The services are not limited to infrastructure projects and facilities but also include city-level and state-level action plans. Some of the infrastructure projects and facilities covered include Mass Rapid Transit Systems, Water Treatment Plans (WTPs), Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs), Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs), Common Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage & Disposal Facilities (CHWTSDF), Ports, and Thermal Power Plants.
  • EMC has been involved in preparation of State and City level actions plans that helped governments and international donors by guiding their investments and providing technical assistance
  • EMC has a long-standing experience in conducting impact study for Renewable sector. Till date we have conducted studies for a total of operational 14,095 MW of renewable energy in India. EMC has expertise of conducting impact study including bird-bat assessments for Hybrid Plants (wind+solar) in India.
  • EMC was engaged in conducting Impact study for ‘Kota Integrated Grain Mandi Project’ which serve as a proof-of-concept for a modern and efficient grain mandi model that could be replicated across India.
  • Impact study was conducted for one of its kind ‘Mega Food Park (MFP) based on ‘Cluster Bluster’ approach and is approved and supported by Andhra Pradesh Food Processing Society (APFPS), under the Mega Food Park Scheme, Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP).
  • Apart from these, EMC has also conducted impact assessments and prepared risk management plans for several industries and manufacturing units across multiple sectors.