This January my consulting company Environmental Management Centre Pvt. Ltd. completed 25 years! I am writing this post today to share my experience in this journey. This story telling may help young entrepreneurs entering the profession of environmental management. I left my full-time teaching position at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay to establish EMC. […]

Deciphering Water Quality of the Great Ganges

Dr Prasad Modak was appointed by the Central Pollution Control Board as a consultant. I was assisting Dr Modak along with my team members Vishwa Vijaysheel and Jay Mehta The scope involved analyses, visualization and interpretation of water quality data collected through manual monitoring and automatic continuous monitoring stations. Data from eighty (80) manual and […]

Understanding and Addressing Water Stress – A Science based Approach

Understanding water stress is particularly important to plan strategies for managing our water resources. According to Pacific Institute “Water stress” refers to the ability, or lack thereof, to meet human and ecological demand for water. Compared to scarcity, “water stress” is a more inclusive and broader concept. It considers several physical aspects related to water […]

Selling Biodiversity on the occasion of the World Environment Day

The Finance Minister (FM) called my Professor Friend last week to come up with a solution to raise funds to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. The FM also asked how can the private sector be increasingly involved, and be part of the solution and take more responsibilities rather than keep demanding packages that were impossible to […]

Ikigai, Business and Sustainability

Few weeks ago, I met a senior executive of a large corporate in Ahmadabad for a discussion. This corporate wanted to strengthen their Environmental Social Management System (ESMS) and Governance (ESG). The Executive must be one of the IIM graduates I guess – as he spoke to me with an authority despite no great knowledge […]