CLIMsystems is a consulting company based in Hamilton in New Zealand. CLIMsystems focuses on climate change adaptation and risk assessment using modelling tools. It has team with a combined experience of over 200 years with projects completed over 50 countries.

CLIMsystems has developed over the past several years SimCLIM suit of modelling software for assessing impacts due to climate variability and climate change. SimCLIM is used by national and local governments, planners, educators, students, international agencies, private consultants and companies throughout the world.

EMC is a partner to CLIMSystems. In India, EMC can arrange webinars and workshops on use of SimCLIM as well as provide services on climate change related vulnerability assessment and development of adaptation and mitigation plans. More recently, CLIMsystems has started providing advisory services in the area of reporting as per the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures). CLIMsystems and EMC have the data and tools to meet the climate risk needs for reporting as defined by TCFD.