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The World Urban campaign, a partnership and advocacy platform of the UN-Habitat conceived an open space for exchange of ideas for the urban stakeholders called an Urban Thinkers campus. This Campus is a consensus-building process and a platform for bringing together all city partners and stakeholders to implement the New Urban Agenda towards The City We Need.

The Urban Thinkers Campus-Chennai was organised with the focal theme of ''Chennai as a Global City". The Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) along with the Technical and Knowledge support of National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), New Delhi, a think tank to the Ministry of Urban Development GOI, hosted this Campus in Chennai. The campus aimed to prepare a roadmap and an action plan towards the implementation of the New Urban Agenda through Urban thinker sessions, urban labs and round tables with participation from all city stakeholders. Parallel sessions with three different themes of “Resilience & Smart Cities”; “Inclusion, City's Expansion and Social Infrastructure”; “Global Investment Destination & Governance will be conducted”.

Lucille presented case studies on Vulnerability Assessment and Action Planning in the Urban Lab and provided a road map in the context of Chennai city.

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