Lifelong learning can be defined as a combination of all the knowledge, skills and values learnt throughout one’s life in all settings (life-wide) and this can be achieved through the various for Read More

The Finance Minister (FM) called my Professor Friend last week to come up with a solution to raise funds to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. The FM also asked how can the private sector be increasinglRead More

Sure, my Professor Friend was not in a good mood yesterday. For strange reasons, only known to him, he was aggressive with me asking questions that I was not comfortable to answer.

Our coffRead More

Few weeks ago, I met a senior executive of a large corporate in Ahmadabad for a discussion. This corporate wanted to strengthen their Environmental Social Management System (ESMS) and Governance (ERead More

With the advances in monitoring devices especially drones, remote sensed imageries and sensors, internet of things (ioT) and apps on mobile phones, the amount of data in the world is growing exponeRead More

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