Lifelong learning can be defined as a combination of all the knowledge, skills and values learnt throughout one’s life in all settings (life-wide) and this can be achieved through the various for Read More

Dr Prasad Modak was appointed by the Central Pollution Control Board as a consultant. I was assisting Dr Modak along with my team members Vishwa Vijaysheel and Jay Mehta

The scope involved Read More

More than the “stick”, the “carrot” needs to be presented to the common man to create awareness and consciousness about the state of the environment. This would serve as a motivation to undRead More

Understanding water stress is particularly important to plan strategies for managing our water resources. According to Pacific Institute “Water stress” refers to the ability, or lack thereof, Read More

Environmental Impacts of Wind Energy

Wind energy projects neither release emissions into the air causing air pollution, nor consume large quantities of water and release effluents. Hence,Read More

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