In 2005, UNEP proposed that a methodology for Environmentally Sound Technology Assessment should be developed addressing all three pillars of sustainability – viz. economic, environmental and social. In effect, the outcome should be “Sustainability Assessment of Technology” (SAT) rather than emphasizing environmental aspect alone. UNEP contracted EMC to develop the methodology.

EMC developed the methodology through an elaborate process of research and consultations with experts. A comprehensive research and literature review was carried out as the first step, to understand past developments (especially related to Environmentally Sound Technologies and Environmental Technology Assessment – EnTA; the precursor of SAT) and to study similar technology assessment approaches.

The end result is a very flexible methodology that featured Plan-Do-Check-Act. It had steps of screening, scoping and detailed assessment addressing both strategic and operational level assessments allowing policy level macro decision making as well as at project level. Consultation with Stakeholders and Experts was embedded as a part of methodology to ensure acceptance.

Development of Methodology for Sustainable Assessment of Technologies (SAT)
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Development of Methodology for Sustainable Assessment of Technologies (SAT)