There is a lack of dedicated post graduate courses in solid waste management in India. Professionals, municipal officials and environmental NGOs find very few certificate courses or continuing education programs. The subject of waste management has evolved considerably with topics such as 3Rs, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Public Private Partnerships (PPP). Overall, waste to resource management with innovations in technology and financial engineering is the current focus. Recognizing these needs, Environmental Management Centre LLP (EMC) and Griffith conceived an online training toolkit on the theme of waste and resource management. This program has received support from the Australia India Council (AIC), Australia. As a part of this project, EMC and Griffith conducted scoping workshops with 40 experts participating. Building on the feedback obtained, a website on Integrated Waste Resources ( was created. It is essentially a collaborative platform to share resources and build customized training courses.