Cairn India has many oil and gas exploration site; one of the fields, Mangala field in Rajasthan contained more than 40 wells. Cairn wished to shift to a new technology of hydro fracking. Considering that this technology utilized large quantities of Water and being in the state of water stressed Rajasthan, Cairn understood the need to invest in water. The option of doing nothing meant facing loss in production. Cairn wished to take the initiative and pilot innovation through which they hoped to learn what path to follow.

EMC undertook a field study to understand and prepare the problem statement using the data already available with Cairn. EMC designed and organized a two day workshop where technology developers were invited to present their solutions to the problem.

The workshop was moderated by EMC and attended by 40 professionals from Cairn. Post the workshop, EMC prepared an action plan recommending the vendors for the pilot. This project exemplified a knowledge to practice model. The two key advantages brought by EMC were the neutral position in the market and the network with vendors who presented at the workshop.