The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Govt. of India (MoEF&CC) was implementing a project on Capacity Building for Industrial Pollution Management (CBIPMP) with financial and technical assistance from the World Bank. The project was taken up for implementation in the States of Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal as pilot project.

Establishment of the Environment Compliance Assistance Centre (ECAC) was a new concept where the regulator was expected to play a role of a facilitator and providing assistance and guidance to its clients (industries and other stakeholders). The idea was that ECAC will be an independent agency while under the support of APPCB but yet operating from an arm’s distance. The assignment involved conducting need assessment of stakeholders by holding workshops at various locations in Andhra Pradesh, identifying catalogue of services which the ECAC could offer specially to improve both compliance and competitiveness of the industries, with a special focus on SMEs. Business models were developed for each of the services to ensure that the ECAC would be self-reliant and not dependent on any grants. A blueprint was developed for the operation of ECAC on this basis while identifying the human resources needs. Areas of private sector participation and use of certification schemes were also covered.

Business Strategy for Environmental Compliance Assistance Centre ECAC
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Business Strategy for Environmental Compliance Assistance Centre ECAC