The main focus of this Project was to achieve sustainable development in SMK by integrating environmental, social and economic considerations. This region showed an impressive range of past initiatives and actions towards urban environmental issues, but the desired positive impact was observed to be rather low. One of the factors for this was the project-centric approach and absence of a programmatic framework. A Program such as Eco-City was therefore envisioned to provide the much needed overarching framework.

EMC was contracted for this project by the MPCB.EMC devised the Eco-City Action Plan in two phases.

Phase 1 involved consultation with various stakeholders through a collaborative process and preparation of the Eco-city Policy and a theme-based Action Plan, and

Phase 2 was visualized as the implementation phase in which the projects and programs proposed under the Plan would be implemented in a timely and cost-effective manner by building institutional capacities, forging partnerships, mobilizing funds and resources, and promoting public private partnerships. Themes covered included water, sewerage, solid waste, energy, transport, biodiversity, land use, health and housing. The Plan was evolved through consultative processes using tools such as Eco-Mapping, Google Maps and Seminars/workshops. In many ways this project led to a model Ecocity Action Plan development process