Lakmé Lever Pvt. Ltd (Lakmé Lever) operates a chain of over 390 Lakmé Salons across 125 cities that offer expert services in Hairstyling, Skin and Beauty care. Lakmé Lever has partnered with over 150 entrepreneurs as franchisees to own Lakmé Salons across the country. Lakmé Lever recognizes that its business has an impact across the three dimensions of sustainability i.e. People, Planet, and Profit (3Ps). The company is also aware of its global environmental impact (e.g. GHG emissions), local resource consumption (e.g. electricity for air conditioning, illumination and hot water/steam), material consumption (e.g. furniture), and the use of chemicals in products and salons (including wall paints), and the waste generated (e.g. solid waste, wastewater).

To address these impacts from a systems perspective, Lakme engaged EMC to prepare a sustainability roadmap that will enable its salons to transform and make positive gains in their sustainability footprint and achieve a stronger competitive position. This roadmap will address:

  • Reduction of resource consumption and waste
  • Sourcing eco-friendly products
  • Provision of a safe indoor environment for employees and clients
  • Promotion of healthier and sustainable lifestyles to stakeholders
  • Acting as an influencer or a place of inspiration
  • Operational framework for sustainable salons that will ensure continuous improvement
Sustainable Salon Program for Lakme Lever
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Sustainable Salon Program for Lakme Lever