EMC faced the challenge of delivering training in multiple countries at the same time while ensuring cost optimization. EMC was tasked to train 400 participants from 15 countries. There were 3 batches with 3 time zones. The NPOs were the coordinating points and they were handling 20-25 participants. Briefing material was provided before Video Conferencing (VC). A 4 hour VC with 3 presentations each day followed by Q&A session and at the end of each VC participants was given case studies. The NPOs used the case studies and worked in groups to respond to the case. They would email their answers late in the day which were checked overnight and discussed in the morning. They had a field visit organized by NPO and third day was given to case study. The fourth day involved Q&A sessions.

Thereafter followed evaluation and an elearning course with quizzes over a month. Out of 400 participants there were 20 who did well in assignments and quizzes. These were selected and brought to Delhi for a one week classroom lectures training and a second week spent with Honda where they learnt on the field implementation of IMS.