Prashant Kokil

Prashant is an Environmental Professional with 37 years of hands-on experience in Environmental Pollution Control and Governance. Prashant holds masters in Inorganic Chemistry with specialization in Control and Analysis of Pollutants and is a qualified safety professional.

Prashant has worked on obtaining environmental clearances and consents/ permits and ensure environmental legal compliance. He is well versed with compliance requirements of national and international lenders. He has expertise on environment and sustainability related risk assessment and mitigation planning, due diligence for mergers, take-overs and acquisitions. He is also familiar with international disclosures like Global Compact, Global Reporting Initiative and Carbon Disclosure Project. He was also designated as Chief Sustainability Officer for Tata Power’s Mumbai operations and his role included overseeing environment, safety, and risk functions.

As Head of Corporate Environment and Climate Change department of The Tata Power Company Ltd., Prashant has hands on experience of environment management in thermal, hydro and renewable generation, transmission and distribution segments.

Prashant was actively involved in various beyond compliance initiatives of Tata Power, like carbon capture using sea water algae, marine studies for coastal projects and hot water recirculation studies for thermal power plants. He also coordinated, Mahseer Conservation and Genetic Fingerprinting of Mahseer in Lonavala in Maharashtra, Flamingo Study in Sewree in Mumbai, and migratory bird study for Maithon in Jharkhand. He was involved in Project Sanjivani to quantitatively estimate carbon storage in the large-scale plantations carried out in hydro catchment and prepared Biodiversity Strategy for a hydro station in Georgia.

Currently, Prashant is associated with Mumbai University as Visiting Faculty for its master’s course in Sustainable Development and Environment Management (MScSDEM).