Avinash Patkar

Dr. Avinash holds a MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. He has completed his Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India. He also holds a P.E. in Chemical Engineering Certification from the State of Ohio.

Dr. Avinash currently functions as Vice President for US Projects with Carbon Clean Solutions and advises on CO2 capture system design and CO2 reuse. In this capacity he supervised testing at National Clean Carbon Center in Wilsonville, AL (10 tpd CO2), the Technology Center Mongstad in Norway (250 TPD). He has also compared several CO2 capture technologies for industrial applications (100 to 500 TPD). Alongside he has evaluated pre- and post-combustion CO2 capture and also from cement, Blast Furnace and FCC units.

Dr. Avinash has reviewed over 140 patents from Aker, BASF, Compact Carbon, Carbon Solutions, DOW, ExxonMobil, Fluor, and Shell, Summarized major ideas on heat integration and CO2 solvents and promoters. Evaluated technologies to convert CO2to Urea, soda ash, MeOH and dimethyl ether.

Prior to this Dr. Avinash developed sustainability strategy for Tata Group companies with focus on energy, emissions, water use and solid waste. In each area, he developed quantified goals and provided technical support to five major companies to achieve them: Tata Beverages, Tata Chemical, Tata Motors, Tata Power and Tata Steel. He reviewed more than 100 emerging technologies in renewable area and short listed two solar and one wind technology for seed funding and hosting pilot plants

As a Chief Sustainability Officer for Tata Power, he set sustainability goals for carbon, energy and water intensities with world-class targets and prepared 3 reports with A+ grade and followed GRI protocol and submitted data to CDP. He led two teams of Tata Power executives to Cambridge U for 1-week sustainability course. Conducted 25 workshops to motivate fellow employees on sustainability goals. Set up goals for CO2, energy, water, and solid waste per MWh and tracked them every Quarter at CEO’s Score Card meeting.

Mr. Avinash has studied NGCC plants in combination with Multi Effect Distillation desalination plants in the Middle East. Created a 25 people the Corporate Safety, Health and Environmental Group. He has also retained Du Pont to implement a new Safety Management System. He has further developed a long-term plan to get 25% of the power from renewable sources and to reduce CO2 Intensity.

Mr. Avinash has attended Al Gore’s presentation on climate change in New Delhi (1 of only 100 people selected) and an updated Al Gore workshop in Australia. He has conducted 25 seminars across Tata Power to encourage staff to set and meet sustainability goals including to reduce their personal carbon footprint.