Aarushi Dhingra

Aarushi Dhingra

Environmental Specialist

Aarushi is an alumnus of the University of Maryland, College Park (USA) where she pursued Economics and developed a strong foundation towards sustainable growth and development. She worked with QMII, an ISO consulting, auditing and training firm in Virginia (USA) and acquired competency by gaining certifications in Lead Auditor courses under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

On return to India in 2016, she joined Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi Environmental Governance Unit, overseeing the District Mineral Foundation (DMF) Implementation Programme that aims to ensure environmental sustainability and social equity in India’s key mining affected districts. A shift in outlook, from a researcher to reformer led her in 2018 to join the unique MBA Program at TERI School of Advance Studies focusing on Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility. Her internship at STENUM Asia, Gurgaon helped her to focus on developing Environment Management Systems for SMEs as compared to other conventional approaches.

At EMC, Aarushi works as an Environmental Specialist for projects related to Environmental and Social Due Diligence, Environmental and Social Management Systems and Sustainability

Aarushi is a trained classical dancer (Kathak), is passionate about her culinary skills and likes to explore new places.