Read More: The InRP was formally launched at the 1 st International Workshop on Fostering Resource Efficiency organized by MoEFCC, GIZ on behalf of BMUB and its partners in New Delhi, November 2015.The InRP has now developed recommendations towards a framework for an Indian Resource Efficiency Programme (IREP) as a guide for policy makers. As a follow up to the 1 st International Workshop, MoEFCC and GIZ on behalf of BMUB are organizing the 2 nd International Workshop on Fostering Resource Efficiency to discuss the InRP’s contributions and way forward with a wide range of national and international stakeholders.

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  • Its Right to Repair

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    When we think of circularity of material flows, we need to understand “outer” and “inner circle” approaches. The “outer circle” approach creats a closed loop of materials through recycling. In the case of electronic goods, this means recovering of precious metals lodged in our gadgets, something only feasible with a sophisticated technology, requiring a scale…Read more Its Right to Repair


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