Air-o-thon 2016 will provide a unique opportunity for dialog among attendees to facilitate understanding of current indoor air quality policies, standards and best practices with themes such as regulatory vs. voluntary compliance for achieving IAQ, the role of IAQ in sustainable building programs and the relationship between IAQ and IEQ etc. The conference program will include internationally acclaimed keynote speakers, original peer reviewed papers, the latest in indoor environmental quality control, plus technical session & panel discussion. This conference will guide the researchers, experts, policy makers, building owners and operators, engineers, designers, IAQ professionals, commissioning agents, architects and other interested participants about what works and what really doesn’t work when tackling major improvements in indoor air quality.  

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  • The Joy of Teaching

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    In my professional career, I have been a Professor, a Consultant, a Corporate Head, an Entrepreneur and have worked with UN Bodies, Governments and Financing Institutions across the world. Amongst all these roles that I played, it is teaching that has given me the most satisfaction. Teaching to me has always been a joy –…Read more The Joy of Teaching


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