Internship Program

Internship forms a key component of higher education. In current time it is a challenge for students and young professionals to get the perfect internship placements. It is an even greater challenge for internships in the environmental management space.

Many capable and deserving students often do not get the opportunity to work at organizations where they can contribute to the work as well as learn. Their potential largely remains untapped due to lack of mentoring. In India, there are no mechanisms of connecting Universities and Organizations for Internships. Our internship program has been designed to address this critical gap.

EMC has been operating the internship program for the last decade and more. Over 90 interns have completed their internships with us. Our interns come from premier institutes in India and the world like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Centre of Environment Planning & Technology (CEPT), Symbiosis Pune, TERI University as well as Purdue University, U.S. Here is the list of our Interns.





Name Aparna Nahar Email Topic Networking Initiatives for Environmental Action in Pune City Year 2004 Institue Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology Ahmedabad
Name Abhinav Gupta Email - Topic Developing a spreadsheet based guide for designing and sizing effluent treatment systems Year 2004 Institue Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Name Jayesh Paranjape Email Topic Developing a Thematic Website for Pune???s Environment: Air Pollution Year 2004 Institue University of Pune
Name Aniket Kavathekar Email Topic Developing a Framework for a Rating System for Eco Housing in Pune & Developing an Eco Housing Manual for Architects and Builders in Pune Year 2004 Institue Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture Pune
Name Neha Anand Email Topic Developed strategies and a comprehensive toolbox to facilitate waste management and air quality control in industries Year 2005 Institue Delhi College of Engineering
Name Abhishek Chatterjee Email Topic Developed strategies and a comprehensive toolbox to facilitate waste management and air quality control in industries Year 2005 Institue Delhi College of Engineering

In most cases, interns have undertaken full time projects at their universities/institutions following the foundation work carried out at EMC. In some cases, the outputs have been accepted and published in international conferences. Our interns are now placed at well established companies pursuing enviable careers while staying in contact with us.


Are you looking for perfect internship?

Internships are a challenge in themselves. An intern will learn the most if they give their best.

You need to be ready to dive in and do everything it takes.

You may be required to read copious amounts of information, or meet and interview personalities in the field. At times, you will be given access to privilege data and be taught to make sense of it all. In the process you will pick up new skills and practice of models and software. Most of all you will be treated as a young professional and learn to work within a team.

If you’re eager to learn and ready to give your best, write in to with your updated CV, two references and an SOP. Positions are open for students, young professionals and even senior or retired professionals.




  • "Extensive learning, supporting environment & fun... is how I would describe EMC. Internship @ EMC has been one the most enriching & fulfilling experiences for me."

    - Vineet Shastry
  • In terms of my overall experience, my internship experience at EMC was truly enriching. In addition, it helped me improve my writing and communications skills. The experience was more than I could have expected and allowed me the freedom to develop other skill sets beyond the project assigned to me. It gave me valuable exposure to a completely new field of environmental compliance, gave me an insight into corporate culture and exposed me to different services provided by a consulting firm.

    - Karan Jagtiani
  • The fortnightly presentation is what I feel is quite helpful to keep you on the ground and show where you stand, what have you not looked up yet and how you should proceed further, getting advice from all of the staff.

    - Ankur Thakur
  • Dr Modak provided valuable guidance in drafting and writing the reports, with interesting inputs in the form of examples. I especially admire his ability to pull nuggets of information from diverse sources on the spur of the moment, and piece them together in a way that adds value to the project at hand.

    - Rhea Cordeiro
  • The internship duration has added value to my career, not only as a professional but also as a person. I would like to whole heartedly thank Dr. Modak for giving me a chance to intern at EMCentre.

    - Shruti Bhargava
  • My mentors have been really supportive. They guided me well throughout the course of my internship and I am thankful to them for giving me an opportunity to work under them and sharing their knowledge and experience

    - Shweta Arora
  • I received ample guidance whenever required. I have achieved more than I intended to learn from the internship

    - Anuja Sawant
  • Working with EMC has taught me more about the Environment and various tools than most of my time in college. I know these skills will greatly serve me in my academics as well as future working life.

    - Jay Baviskar
  • My internship experience with PMA, was an extremely rewarding one. Having moved back to India fairly recently, I was not really sure what to expect; but applying for and accepting the internship was the best decision I could have taken for both my personal and professional development.

    - Pooja Joshi
  • EMC has motivated me to work and think pragmatical. Variety of exposure gave me a chance to identify my specific interest at the same time I realised the importance of team work and group discussion.

    - Prathama Dolas
  • It was a wonderful experience working with EMC. It really helped me to strengthen my theoretical skills and learn more on the subject. One thing that needs to be explicitly mentioned is, Dr. Modak's way of explanation is really worth listening. His words can easily bring a professional out of an amateur.

    - Probal Sarkar