Poonam Patel

Geoinformatics Specialist

A joyful and enthusiastically equipped Geospatial expert, Poonam adds value not only to EMC’s work through her upbeat geomatics skills but also enhances the liveliness of the work environment. She has two years’ experience in GIS domain.

She is building on her two years of experience in this domain by working extensively on environmental and social impact assessment projects for Wind, Solar and Bird-Bat Diversity. Here she plays an analytic include geospatial technologies. She is conducting LULC Mapping, watershed Analysis, database creation and QC-QA Of Geo spatial data, Modelling.

Her training for a masters degree in Geomatics from CEPT University, Ahmedabad and a bachelor degree in Geology helps her utlising analytical thinking to decision making using GIS based concepts.

Prior to this she was involved in the Urban sprawl analysis network analysis, change detection etc. She has also worked on Microwave Images like filtering images and classification of images. She was an intern at NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT (NIRD) Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

She holds knowledge in software's like ArcGIS, QGIS, Erdas Imagine, ENVI, JOSM, Google Earth, PolSARpro, NEST, Wind Pro etc.

Apart from being a GIS geek, she has done teaching assistance ship for a few courses at CEPT during her masters, conducted many geological field surveys in the mines and has presented paper on ESRI User conference 2014 on “Preparation of Watershed Action Plan”.

A foodie at heart, outside EMC she enjoys lazing around, travelling, cooking and exploring/living life to the fullest with her own zeal.