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Information on the Site

All the information exhibited through this site has been developed by the team members at EMC for the sole purpose of communicating with visitors to the site who might include current and prospective clients, businesses, social enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, individuals and the general public at large. EMC through its website wishes to provide information about the consultancy services it offers as well as information about its past and current projects with the intention of opening up communication channels with the visitors to the site.

Electronic Communication Channels

Visitors to the site are invited to engage with the team at EMC in order to learn more about the consultancy services provided by EMC. In the course of such communication EMC will request and collate details about the visitors that will permit better fulfillment of mutual objectives identified at the beginning of the communication these may include intent to further the business and administrative purposes and meet the requirements of the visitors.

Personal details

Personal details provided to us in through our ‘Contact Us’ form will be used by EMC in ways as required that will help further the objectives of providing our consultancy services as detailed in our list of solutions and focus areas on the site.

However, we will not intentionally share your details with any other party or be held liable for any misuse of this information by another party. We will use the information shared with us by you to produce analyses that will enable us to better design and improve service levels of our organization.

Clients & Partners

We invite you to browse through our site and learn more about our work and experience in the field of environmental consulting and training. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome; do expressly specify your interests and requirements along with your contact details to allow us to get back in touch with you. In partnering with us for any our consultancy projects, you may be required to enter into an agreement mutually agreed upon in order to harness each other’s strengths in the best interests of the project at hand.


You are free to reuse, distribute and disseminate the content on this site subject to prior permission received from us and on provision of proper reference as appropriate. You will be bound to the terms of the contract signed together with us in case of content contribution from your side. Content denoted here may be taken to mean all forms of materials in the form of text, presentations, graphics and any other such material.


In case of further queries that have not been answered here or that you may have with regards to the terms and conditions detailed herein, do contact the content manager at
Sonal Alvares
Environmental Management Centre (EMC)
Mumbai, India
4th January 2012