Sustainable Production & Consumption

Sustainable Production and Consumption (SPC) are core strategies towards sustainable development. EMC has been involved in the arena of SPC on a global basis working with Governments, Private Sector and Communities. Some of the flagship projects completed are - Green Productivity Manual for Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Tokyo (Manuals consisting PowerPoints, Toolbox, Case Studies, Work exercises that distilled outcomes of APO's Green Productivity Demonstration Projects) Visit; Global Status Report on Cleaner Production (CP) for UNEP, DTIE, Paris (A compilation and analyses of CP evolution, programs and outcomes across 72 countries in the world); Training and Guidance Manuals for National Cleaner Production Centres, UNIDO and UNEP (Instructional volumes with process steps and case studies on how to set up business operations centered around Cleaner Production); Cleaner Production Companion for UNEP, DTIE (A one stop multimedia electronic resources addressing needs of diverse stakeholders to access documents, software, presentations etc on Cleaner Production with interactive graphics, quizzes etc.); COMPARE - Knowledge base on Benchmarks and Eco-labels for Textile Industries, UNIDO and Commonwealth Science Council (A searchable structured CD ROM housing technical information on benchmarks and eco-labels allowing self assessment by the industry - focus- Textile Wet Processing); Guidance Manual for Cleaner Production Opportunity Assessment with Sector applications for Dairies, Textile, Aluminum Foundries - SEAM Program in Egypt (Manuals built on field work carried out on Cleaner Production Audits in Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises (MSME) in Egypt)