Solutions: Services & Focus Areas
Most consulting companies offer solutions that are conventional. They follow the rhetoric-or a templated approach.

At EMC, we think differently.

We make a conscious effort to reflect on client needs, customize our solutions and importantly innovate to add value and improve the triple bottom line.

Research and application of modern tools play a key role in all our deliveries.

To meet our client needs, we offer a wide range of cross cutting services. These services are closely linked to the focus areas.

The focus areas are supported by anchors in the EMC Team. Anchors maintain and continuously update our Knowledge Bases.
We believe that solutions are best found through consultation and stakeholder involvement. Hence we introduce elements such as focus group discussions, expert workshops and interactive websites during our deliveries. The solutions we recommend therefore are acceptable and preferred as go through a “reality check”.

While building our services, we build institutional capacities. This is done to ensure both effectiveness as well as sustainability of our solutions. To build capacities, we follow a blended approach and tools consisting knowledge bases, class room training, field visits and e-learning platforms.

EMC is not a hard core commercial organization. It operates several student and community oriented programmes with professionals and partners under its Ekonnect Initiative on a non-profit basis. Today, Ekonnect has led to the establishment of a vast network of professionals around EMC-skills and experience of which always can be drawn upon. This has added an advantage to EMC’s competencies in servicing diverse areas across the world. We choose from the Ekonnect network our Associates and Partners.