Understanding Housing, Habitats and Social Changes in Traditional and Relocated Settlements in India
Service :
Monitoring & Impact Assessment
SUPSI World Habitat Research Centre(WHRC)
Year completed:
'Understanding Habitats, Housing and Social Changes in Post Disaster Traditional and Relocated Settlements in India' was a joint research project funded by Swiss National Science Foundation(SNSF). The objective of this research project was to understand the dynamic inter-linkages between socio-cultural factors and the built environment in the post disaster settlements in India. The research contributed to a better understanding of the importance of socio-cultural factors for sustainable post-disaster reconstruction and their implications on disaster risk reduction. As a part of the project, three case studies were undertaken in the disaster affected areas of Latur, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu in the first, second and third phase respectively. EMC was approached by WHRC to provide support for training and capacity building in the 1st phase of the project at Latur.
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