Environmental & Social Governance at Financial Institutions

Environmental and Social (E&S) risks have been recognized today as important elements of transactions by Financing Institutions (FIs) world wide. Accordingly, FIs have set up governance structures consisting policy, principles, procedures and practices that are looped around the transaction processes. EMC has been actively engaged with FIs in India, Egypt, Bangladesh, Malaysia in setting the E&S Governance systems. In some cases, these systems were set up at the behest of Multilateral Financing Institutions (MFIs) such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank etc. EMC has developed not only the requisite documentation for these systems but conducted specially designed training programmes to build capacities at the FIs. Many FIs in the private sector have subscribed to Equator Principles (EPs). The EPs are applied at the time of lending to the borrowers. EMC has been assisting the borrowers in meeting the EP related requirements. In some cases, EMC works with FIs to monitor performance of the borrowers on EP related compliance. Due diligence is an important step while taking a decision on equity / debt participation. EMC works with reputed international Private Equity (PE) funds in this arena. Here, the approach is not to limit to gap assessment alone but to identify gap filling measures. So, EMC's outputs in such assignments consist Compliance Review as well as well as Opportunity Assessment for the interest of the PE fund.