EMC recognizes importance of building capacity and careers of students and young professionals in the field of environmental management. Towards this end, EMC has made conscious efforts by establishing a networking platform called Ekonnect. EMC distinguishes itself from the commercial consulting world through practicing ekonnect initiatives.
Under Ekonnect, EMC operates the following initiatives.
Environmental Internship Programme (EIP)
EIP is a unique Internship programme and a one of its kind in the field of Environmental Management that provides the Intern a mentorship with a senior EMC Team Member and an opportunity to work on a 'live' project. In the past six years, EMC has provided internship to more than 40 students and young professionals from reputed institutions in India and Overseas.

Finishing School on Environmental Management
Finishing School emphasizes bridging the gap between "theory" and "practice" to prepare students and young professionals for the "real world" or the "market". The "school" typically runs over 3 to 4 days on a residential basis following a blended learning strategy that is EMC's forte. Faculty is drawn both from academia as well as the industry or the business.

Eko Hub
Community based initiatives are operated under the initiative of Eko Hub. Networking is the emphasis and knowledge sharing and capacity building are the motive. Eko Hub connects communities with practioners, business leaders, regulators and planners, financing institutions on a common theme of interest.

Eko Awards
It is important that students undergoing Masters programme in various areas of environmental management are provided with appropriate coaching and encouragement so as to shape their careers. EMC has set up an EkoAwards scheme for this purpose. Each year, applications are invited with bio-data and research proposals on a national basis and are scrutinized by an Advisory Committee. Selected students or EkoAwardees are provided with a book grant, sponsorship at the Finishing School, Internship at EMC, career counseling as well as coaching during research.

Ekonnect Seminar Series
Seminar Series are meant to provide industries, policy makers and regulators an opportunity to come together, get exposed and updated on some of the frontier areas of environmental management.

To know more about ekonnect, download brochure from here.

Ekonnect is fully supported by EMC. Visit www.ekonnect.net for more details on each of the above initiatives.