Life at EMC
At EMC, people matter the most. We aim at recruiting and retaining the best human resource there is. Professional ethics and integrity play an important role in the selection process.

EMC understands, encourages and provides opportunities for team members to grow personally and professionally.

Every month, internal training sessions are held to build specific skills. External trainers are recruited to conduct sessions on specific topics. In addition, team members are sponsored for training in India as well as overseas.

All team members at EMC function like a ‘family’ and take ownership in maintaining EMC's assets. One such is our growing library. Team members play an active role in Ekonnect initiatives, events and greening of office infrastructure and operations. Many team members provide part time teaching at environmental programmes in colleges, publish articles and present papers in seminars or conferences.

We continue to maintain our relationships with team members even after their tenure.
Work with EMC
EMC is a firm believer in the goodness in people. It’s one of the first things we look for when meeting someone for the first time. As a result over the years we have built relationships with people that are as long lasting as valuable.

In describing human resource we use the term ‘team members’ because we operate in teams. Thus diverse talents and skills come together to create unique and innovative outputs. At the same time personal space is respected and given its due.

The work environment is friendly and spirited. Professional development is encouraged alongside company growth. So what’s good for the company is also good for the team and vice versa.

Team members are encouraged to continuously upgrade their skills, expand their horizons and own the business. The journey thus becomes the destination.