Environmental Management Centre (EMC) was established in 1996. EMC's consulting services are essentially strategic, knowledge driven and supported through research and training. In all the consulting assignments, EMC's expertise lies in harmonizing economic, environmental and social considerations (often called triple bottom line) in the business logic, development plans and policy frameworks.

Over the past 15 years, EMC has conceived, developed and executed a number of national, regional and international assignments that have set several "firsts". Many of these assignments have stimulated action leading to policy reforms, sustainable investments and led to long term capacity building.
EMC mission statement
EMC values both concept and implementation. Sustainability is the focus.

In 1996 when EMC was founded, sustainability was not the "buzz" word it is today. EMC's mission to practice sustainability could thus be viewed as proactive, visionary and influencing consultancy in India.

Mainstreaming sustainability is an advantage and not just an expression of ethos. The "advantage factor" includes environmental and social dimensions as well as economic gains. These include savings, branding and leveraging. Sustainability based strategies are risk adversary and opportunistic towards value add.

EMC believes that these advantages are not the purview of a select few but are in fact available and should be, to 'all' those concerned. This is precisely the mission of EMC.
EMC logo elements
The EMC logo is based on the Panchamahaboota, the five elements of the cosmic order that are central to Indian Philosophy. The Vedic symbols seen in harmonic arrangement on the auspicious banana leaf represent the Akash (ether), Jal (water), Vayu (air), Agni (fire), and Prtihvi (earth), and together assert EMC's commitment to holistic solutions in environmental management.
Learn more about the people behind EMC. Since 1996 EMC has built together a team of environmental professionals trained with skills in engineering, science, economics and planning.
This core team is supported by Associates that work from India as well as from abroad on a part or full time basis. Associates bring in skills and experience in specialized areas and provide business leads to EMC.
Strategic Planning
Monitoring & Impact Assessment
Due Diligence
Management Systems
Capacity Development
Focus Areas
Climate Change Advisory & Energy
Eco-Cities & Eco-Villages
Environmental & Social Governance at Financial Institutions
Sustainability Appraisal
Sustainable Production & Consumption
Waste Management
Remote Sensing & GIS
Knowledge Management & Networks